Reza Irani Kermani - Black Pearl Capitals

Black Pearl Capital is a reputed proprietary investment company. It was founded by Reza Irani Kermani and Abbas Jafarian in the year 2007. The company makes investments in environment-friendly companies, such as companies that deal with green energy. For example, the company had previously made investments in a solar panel dish manufacturing company in The United States and in a biodiesel manufacturing company in the UK.

Reza Irani was one of the youngest board members of Albert Abela Corporation and Sogeres SA. It was a very respectable post for his age. The company has offices in 44 countries and the number of employees working in the company id over forty thousand. The major focus of the company is though, in catering, the company invests in different fields such as many supermarkets in the Middle Eastern countries and life support services, gold mines in Africa, Salmon farms in Scotland. It also made investments in hotel businesses in different cities in Europe such as Cannes, Nice etc.

Reza Irani worked as a manager in a global financial services division which had a partnership with Amalgamated Metals Corporation, London. It is a subsidiary of Preussag AG which is actually one of the largest companies in Germany. The division was sold to AMC by Po Sang Bank in 1994. Po Sang is one of the most reputed banks in trading foreign exchange and bullion. It is one of the seven sister banks in China. Reza operated their UK businesses from 1992.

One of the founding members of the company Reza Irani holds diverse financial experience. He was the former manager of the London office of MKS. Under his supervision Marketing Investment and Trade had become a popular name in the fields of foreign exchange and Bullion.

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